Employee Spotlight

Virginia Nicolau, RNT

Virginia Nicolau, RNT, moved to the United States from the Philippines in 2003 to be with her two sons. From an early age, she dreamed of working in a hospital, but financial constraints and a lack of access to advanced technology in her country kept that dream at bay for any years. With determination, she eventually earned qualification to work in U.S. hospitals and found part-time employment at two simultaneously — HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Austin, Texas, and an out-of-network hospital.  “I only stayed at the other hospital two months,” Virginia says. “I was always thinking of HealthSouth; it’s the only place for me.”  Shortly after Virginia left her job at the other hospital, a full-time position opened at HealthSouth Austin. For the last two years, she’s found fulfillment there as a nurse technician.  “Sometimes it’s hard to find a place where you enjoy working,” Virginia says. “I’m fortunate not to have that problem. I come to the hospital every morning with a smile.”

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